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As a part of our continuous up-gradation of the products & process, Standard Retreads L.L.C has introduced a new system of retreading - Hot Process - in technical Collaboration with M/s.Kraiburg. This particular innovative process is first of its kind in G C C.


The application of tread in the Hot Cure retread process is very similar to that of new tyre manufacture. The un-cured tread rubber and side wall veneer is applied to the buffed tyre casing. The prepared casing, then built up to the correct diameter with the un-cured rubber material. This tyre is now ready to go in to the segmented mould. The tyre gets inflated to a specific pressure inside the mould, the swelling of the casing conforms the uncured material to the mould. The Hot Cure retreading then involves the vulcanisation of the tyre in the mould at a a specified temperature. The shape and tread of the tyre are created by the matrix in the press.

Advantages of Hot Cure Retreading:

  • Unlike earlier conventional hot process the up-graded Hot cure system is done in a segment mould and specially meant for radial tyres.
  • Properly retreaded hot cure tyre is more or less looks like a new tyre and difficult to differentiate due to the cosmetic effect.
  • The biggest operational advantage of a Hot Cure type is its ability to take the scuffing and abrasion better than a pre cured retread tyre; It also eliminates the possibilities of tread lift, joint separation etc which normally occurs in pre cured retread.
  • Hot retreading allows extensive repairs to be carried out on the tyre carcass.
  • Hot process can eliminate the traffic fines given for the pre cured retreads as the tread joints are not visible at a glance.
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