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Why retreads?

The use of modern retreaded truck tyres represents a unique opportunity to lower transport costs and protect the environment without sacrificing safety and reliability. Technological developments over the last 20 years have been spectacular.

Did you know ..

  • that every second commercial truck tyre used in Europe and the USA is a retreaded tyre?
  • that airlines use tyres retreaded up to 15 times on commercial aircraft?
  • that inspection technology today detects every little defect in a used tyre down to small separations and deformations invisible to the naked eye?
  • that truck tyres can often be retreaded several times?
  • that you save up to 75% energy and raw material consumption when producing a retreaded truck tyre compared to a new tyre, and you drastically limit the disposal of tyres?
  • that within the EU, retreaded tyres are submitted to equal performance tests as new tyres?
  • that tyre debris seen on the roadside originates equally from new tyres as well as retreads and that the main reason for a tyre to fail in service is maintenance-related?
  • that retreads can run for equal or more kilometers than new tyres at a fraction of the cost?

Tyre retreading represents a fantastic convergence of economic and environmental interests. The EU actively supports retreading as the most efficient way of saving raw materials and reducing waste.

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